Padded & Push Up Stick On Bras

SKU: B-1
Brand: Partybra

Thick padding and popular designs makes Melody one of our most desirable bras to hit the market.

Silky smooth beige fabric outer layer.

Skin-friendly adhesive inner layer.

Adds volume to your breasts and creates an amazing cleavage.

Available in UK sizes A to D.

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SKU: A-2
Brand: Partybra

Party Bra's strapless, backless and silicone adhesive bra with extra-padding.

Extra-padding can give you the extra boost of confidence or shape you desire.

As it has a center-clasp, this bra can be used as bra-inserts or as a standalone bra.

Detach cups and use as a breast enhancing chicken fillet.

SKU: F-1
Brand: Partybra

Cleo is our seamless, beige adhesive bra with medium-thickness padded cups.

Gives a perfect smooth look to your bust and a great cleavage.

Available in sizes A to DD.

SKU: A-3-invis-straps
Brand: Partybra

Thick silicone bra cups with Super Boost™ padded cups to give you extra volumeand lift/

Lifelike silicone molds to your breasts giving a natural look.

Detachable invisible straps included.

Reusable, super strick adhesive backing.

Available in A to D.

SKU: B-3
Brand: Partybra

Gorgeous luxury lace wedding stick on bra in white.

SuperBoost push up cups.

Golden center clasp adorned with jewels.

Available in sizes A to C.

SKU: nude-ub
Brand: Partybra

Adds extra WOW factor, lift and extra volume to your bust instantly.

This bra will make you go up a size.

Wear your favourite strapless dresses and tops with confidence and style.

High quality premium fabric and reusable adhesive.

Available in A to D. Comes boxed with instructions for application.

Brand: Partybra

Our award winning and internationally recognised classic stick on bra with a push up twist.

Perfect solution to wear with your favourite little black dress and black undergarments. This bra will add a cup size onto your bust, yet remain light enough to wear all night. High quality fabric bra with Boost™ push up technology and skin friendly sticky adhesive. Available in A to D

SKU: E-3
Brand: Partybra

Create your perfect cleavage and look with this underwired, winged adhesive bra.

Extra support with adhesive backing on the wings and in the cups. Re use me time and time again by placing the hygiene strips back on the wings and cups when done.

Padded cups.

Super popular bra.

Available in A to DD.

SKU: C-4
Brand: Partybra

For when a standard drawstring just won't cut it and you need that boost of girl power.

Leopard print.

Subtle push up cups that will you give lift.


Available in UK sizes A to F.

Now go slay ladies!

Brand: Partybra

Discrete push up cups.

Nude backing with white luxury lace finish.

Gold center clasp adorned with gemstone.

Backless, strapless and reusable.

Center clasp.

Comes boxed with instructions.

Available in A to D

Brand: Partybra

Perfect push-up cup.

Allows you to increase volume and curvature.

Luxury black lace finish.

Available in A to D.

One of the staff favourites.

SKU: D-4
Brand: Partybra

Feel wonderful in white with our this cleavage enhancing stick on bra.

Desirable drawstring allows you to sculpt the cleavage you desire.

Super strength skin-friendly adhesive backing.

Available in A to D

Enhancing push up and boost stick on bras from Bralux. Are you looking for a way to discretely increase your bust and lift? Look no further. Discrete packaging on all orders from Bralux.

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