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What are the best occasions to wear your strapless bra and adhesive "stick on bra"?

Our stick on bra and strapless bra is fantastic to wear if you are looking for almost invisible support underneath your dress, top, or halterneck. Our customers use our products for both casual and celebratory occasions.

By sticking the adhesive bra to your breasts starting from the underneath of your breasts you can help create the cleavage you desire by pulling on the top of the adhesive bra and sticking it higher up on your chest. A strapless bra is popular at celebratory occasions such as weddings, proms and other special occasions that require you to look your best. Whilst equally at home on a night out, or on holiday for example.

Furthermore, our enhancing silicone strapless bra and adhesive bra is also fabulous if you have a small chest and are looking to wear a backless or strapless dress as it helps give you that added boost to your bust.

What size adhesive bra should I buy?

Buying a stick on bra is much more simple than buying a regular bra as you only have to consider the cup size and not the back size. Simply select the cup size that you choose when wearing your regular bras. We sell the luxury silicone stick on bra from A to D cups and the luxury fabric strapless bra from A to D cups. Due to demand we are currently looking to increase sizes for both.

Is the adhesive bra easy to remove?

Yes, just peel off from the sides, or top down, or bottom up and the bra will easily come off. The adhesive has been thoroughly tested and is certified as skin-friendly. All our products come with instructions on how to use.

Are your adhesive bras resuable?

Yes. If the simple instructions for best care are followed your bra will be as reliable as the new for many occasions. For best use make sure you are not wearing lotions and creams on your breast area as this will reduce the effectiveness of your stick on bra.

How do I wash my strapless adhesive stick on bra?

Please see the product pages to follow instructions on how to best care for your strapless bra. Simply rinse with lukewarm water and mild soap and leave the bra to air dry. Easy as that.

Will I feel sticky after removing the adhesive bra?

No. However once removing your lovely stick on bra it is recommended to lightly wash your breast area. You will not have sticky breasts though as the self-adhesive stays on the bra.

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