Why choose a Partybra stick on bra?

Here's a little excerpt from fashion blogger and cocktail connoisseur, Nadine Martinez

We've all been there, flicking through the magazines in the hairdressers or aimlessly browsing Instagram when we're laid in bed and then there she is, the celeb of the hour flawlessly rocking an off the shoulder number. Then comes the hours of searching our go-to sites; ASOS, BooHoo, Very, all in the search for something a bit more..affordable! And then you find it, the Holy Grail of the shoulder jump suits. Selecting your size from the drop down menu and praying to the All Mother Beyoncé that they still have your size in stock! Frantically adding it to your basket, taunted by the 'low stock - order now!' next to your size, I swear ladies, they do this on purpose! The bank balance can wait, you need this by midday tomorrow at the latest!

And then it arrives, and it's like that moment in the movies where the girl looks up and sees the guy of her dream run to rescue her, the house falls silent as you tear away the packaging (and stuff the invoice behind the radiator so the bf won't see it!) a chorus of angels sound off as you pull it out and open it up in all its magnificent glory...it's perfect. Dashing up the stairs quicker than Usain Bolt chasing an ice cream van, stripping off your pjs on the way, one leg in, two legs, three legs...wait, get the dog out the room! Sling some heels on and marvel in front of the mirror covered in squad photos from the epic nights out. Oh God, it's perfect, like it was made with you in mind, nips in all the right places, shows off the curves, the A line giving you a waist line to die for. But something isn't right...bra straps.

Back to the group Whatsapp, you remember someone posting a link about a strapless stick on bra, where the hell has it gone?! Media, links, JACKPOT. An Insta vid from last month, a drawstring strapless bra. Genius! Staring amazed at the minute long video, now don't get me wrong, the model hardly needs the push up the bra offers, but what the hell, you're willing to give it a go. Now, to find a decent website that doesn't look like it's going to steal your identity and your bank balance. Result! a UK company that offers next day delivery who's British designed stick on bras have been favourably reviewed by Cosmopolitan, today is your lucky day. Black, your size, add to basket, Next Day Delivery, done. And now to wait for your Partybra.

I wish the postman would understand that you need this parcel ASAP, stop chatting away to Mrs. Interfering at number 5! The door bell rings, a mad dash to the front door, trying to look casual af and not like you really need a few more hours of cardio a week. Grab the box, upstairs, run a bath, message the girls. T-Minus 2 hours until cocktails!

At least 45 mins in the bath later...

A quick run over the instructions for application again, towel dry, no lotions check the website for the tutorial and away we go! Feeling confident with how the svelte stick on bra looks, the good reviews and how unbelievably sticky this bra is, you give it a whirl. As Tina Belcher once said "I'm no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else." And then it's time... the drawstring, you're not sure what to expect, the girl in the video was clearly rocking artificial D's to start with, she really didn't need the extra help, but hey, your C-'s will take any help offered! In an instant you go from bee sting to airbags. You're overwhelmed, how the hell can something so simple (really, why has this concept taken so long to be a thing!) make such a difference, you want to find all your exes and send them a 3 second Snap to show them what they're missing out on! You're back in the Whatsapp group 'Girls, it's a miracle!' a new you, a new boost of confidence (and boobs!) and better yet, the answer to all your prayers is a Partybra stick on bra.

Digging the jumpsuit back out you step into it, loving the way your assets stay in place despite the struggle of getting dressed! It's complete, the most manic 36 hours of your life, looking back at your reflection in the mirror, you honestly never thought you'd look so good with the help of straps, but this, this version of you looking back. A masterpiece. Your Uber is here, a quick check of make-up, grab the clutch and away you go. A chorus of whistles and 'wowwww' coming from your girlies as you enter the venue, a smile from ear to ear as you twirl and show yourself off, and then the thing that beats any good review, beats the compliments from the squad...the barman missing the glass pouring a drink because he's watching you, with his jaw dropped and eyes fixated. You're in for a good night!

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For this article Nadine tested a Luxury Black Drawstring stick on bra RRP £9.99 & free UK delivery.

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