Five must have items of clothing this spring that'd go perfectly with a stick on bra. What do you think?

A nice silky party dress

Spring and partying go hand in hand. Whether it is an outdoor party or a gathering in a high class restaurant, you can never go wrong with a chic silk dress. It provides a perfect way to maintain elegance without going overboard. Whether the dress is one-shouldered or fully covered, it is quite flimsy and can be unflattering if you don’t wear the right bra. A push up stick on bra can give a subtle boost and make you look fit while perfectly complementing the fluid fabric.

A backless top

Found a cute top online that you absolutely love? Butdoesn’t a bit of scepticismarise when you find out that it is backless. Well, do not fret. A multiway strapless bra will help you rock the outfit. What is even better is that if you are not comfortable wearing a fully strapless bra  this one also has an add-on invisible, back strap to support you. Put these on and walk the ramp like a fashion model.

A tight-fitting dresses

Tight fitting clothes compliment your figure and make you look hot. But they are also difficult to pull off as you have to pick your undergarments with care. If not they will be seen as bumps in places you don’t want to draw attention to. A silicone adhesive bra eliminates this worry and makes you look very natural under a pencil fit dress.These bras are made of natural silicone and are available in beige, black and brown colours.

Shoulderless jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are fun and classy. They liven up the mood of any occasion and give you a sassy look. Adjustments can be difficult to make in a jumpsuit and a wardrobe malfunction could be disastrous. A shoulder less jumpsuit can be coupled with a fabric lightweight adhesive bra as its light weight feature doesn’t pull your clothes down. It doesn’t restrict your movements and doesn’t have a cutting underwire that might dig through your skin. It supports you while remaining completely invisible under the suit.

Dresses with a plunging neckline

These dress can be quite risky if not worn with a proper bra. Our drawstring stick on bra is quite effective in this case. It has a flattering cup with crisscross centre strings that you can adjust in the middle to create the required amount of cleavage. It gives you the right amount of boost. It is super comfortable and is also available in discreet colours to match your skin tone or knickers.

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Sarah x